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agent-Matt Cougle

Matt Cougle

From a young age I always looked forward going on our annual vacation despite being stuck in a crowded car for 3 days. And now in my adult years I still love to travel and funny thing is I love researching travel and planning other peoples vacations.

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agent-Christina DeJesus

Christina DeJesus

Travel for me is a unique way to experience the joy of family and to learn to appreciate the beauty of different cultures. I have been an agent with Fly Away Vacations since almost a year now but travelling extensively for 5+ years. Ask me anything about Mexico, the Caribbean and...

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agent-Krista Fraser

Krista Fraser

I am a self proclaimed travel nerd, and love the thrill of planning the best itinerary. I have always been the go to travel planner for my friends and family and can’t wait to share my travel tips tricks and stories with everyone!

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