Best Cruises for the Adventurous Family

Family Adventures with Princess Cruises

Whether your itinerary is three days or three weeks, all Princess family cruises create a lifetime of unrivaled experiences and unforgettable memories. From adventure seekers to history lovers, each destination boasts something special for everyone — children and parents included. Discover the best family-friendly cruises from Princess.

Photo: Family Adventure with Princess Cruises

Bring your family on a riveting adventure with these New Zealand cruises from Auckland. Strap on your bright yellow helmets and paddle down the thrilling Kaituna River aboard an eight-passenger raft. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s untouched forests that surround the lively waters. Or, fasten your seatbelts and set out on a safari expedition along pebbled river beds, rolling pastures and dimpled gullies as you climb to the top of Cape Kidnappers. Feel your heartbeat soar as you stand atop the towering, 371-foot bluff and overlook the mesmerizing ocean below. With notable departure and return ports that have just as much to offer, extend your family’s expedition by flying over Rangitoto Volcano in Auckland or scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wherever you choose to explore, you’re bound to feel the electrifying pulse of New Zealand on a family cruise.

Photo: Adventure in New Zealand 

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